Gary 'Guitar' Gramolini

I teach to the student. Everyone is different, and learns differently, likes differently, displaiys different skills and weaknesses. I will show you how to understand the layout of the guitar and to make some sense out of the way it is organized, how keys and chords and 'shapes' are arranged on the neck and how to navigate those elements. I will show you how music 'works', and how the workings of music are used in songs that you want to learn.

I consider learning to play the guitar as a three-pronged endeavor, including music that you might like to play because you have been moved by it and how to recreate what you have liked on the guitar; the reason that it works, as it relates to the arrangement of notes, key centers, scales, chords used in that music, the 'how', if you will; and the possible 'why', that the player of that music might have chosen what was played, the inventive process.

Thumbtack Best of 2016